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About Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a treatment which makes use of concentrated plant extracts, known as essential oils. It provides an effective solution for many bodily complaints, including: easing respiratory conditions, soothing hormonal ups and downs, improving sleep, relieving pain, calming anxiety, balancing skin conditions and others.

aromatherapy massage

Aromatherapy Massage


Using the Aromatherapy Insight Cards, we will design your own personalised blend of essential oils to be used in a deeply relaxing massage. You'll also have your heels buffed & your feet massaged with lavender & peppermint foot butter, a hand massage with lavender balm and a face massage with an aromatherapy blend.

Sessions available:

• 1 hour & 15 mins

• 1 hour & 45 mins


Plus you have the option of taking home an inhaler, roll-on, cream or oil 

containing your personal aromatherapy blend:

• aromatic inhaler $10

• aromatherapy roll-on $20

• aromatherapy cream $25

• aromatherapy oil $15

aromatherapy facial

Aromatic Clay Facial


Cleanse, scrub, face massage, clay mask, serum, hot towel, and moisturise with 

essential oil based products to revitalise the skin plus relaxing hand, foot & scalp massage. Or you can choose to combine the facial with a full body aromatherapy massage.

Sessions available:

• 1 hour - aroma facial 

• 1 hour & 45 mins - aroma massage & facial 


Aromatherapy Massage + Foot Treatment


Aromatherapy massage with the addition of a foot treatment which includes heel buff, chocolate mint scrub, clay mask, hot towel and massage with lavender & peppermint foot butter to make your feet feel soft and luscious.

Sessions available:

• 1 hour & 45 mins - aroma massage & foot treatment 

aromatic bliss

Aromatic Bliss

Bliss out for 2.5 hours with an aromatherapy massage, mini aromatic facial (cleanse, massage, hot towel & moisturise) and clay foot treatment.

Sessions available:

• 2.5 hour treatment

lymphatic bodywork

Aromatic Detox


This treatment begins with a 30 minute ionic footbath, then lymphatic points on the body are stimulated, next comes abdominal lymphatic drainage, followed by dry skin brushing to soften the skin and improve overall lymphatic circulation. This is followed up with a light massage to the back of the body with essential oils chosen to enhance the lymphatic system.

Sessions available:

• 2 hours

• optional 50ml herbal lymphatic mix $30

Woman Wearing A Pink Strapless Checking

Breast Lymphatic Drainage


Lymph drainage to the breast reduces fluid build up and assists the removal of waste products from breast tissue. 

Sessions available:

• 15 minute treatment which can be added onto other massage treatments

• optional essential oil blend formulated for breast health

prescriptive creams

Prescriptive Creams


Ideal for skin issues - eczema, acne, dry skin, infections, wounds, pain, menstrual problems or other health conditions that can be treated topically. Creams are individually prepared with herbs and essential oils specific to your condition.

Optional: have the cream balanced to your body using kinesiology, to enhance efficacy.

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