Energy Healing

Aromatic Intuitive Reiki


Reiki is a hands-on treatment where energy is channelled through the hands of the giver to the recipient, to balance the body's energies and improve wellbeing.

This treatment includes an intuitive reading and an essential oil reflection. 

You also have the option of combining Reiki with a massage.

Sessions available:

• 60 mins reiki

• 60 mins reiki + massage 

• 90 mins reiki + massage 

Aromatic Kinesiology


Kinesiology uses the gentle technique of muscle monitoring, through the nervous system and meridian pathways, to access information from the mind and body. Areas of stress are identified and then balanced through the application of energy, using essential oils and other techniques. 

60 or 90 minute consultations available.

RESET for the Jaw


RESET involves the gentle application of energy to the jaw to help the muscles relax. 

It is ideal for anyone who clenches their jaw, has any kind of jaw discomfort, or has had any dental work such as braces, teeth removed or implanted. 

Great for headaches and migraines. 

90 minute sessions.

Aroma-Crystal Chakra Balance


Chakra balancing with essential oils, crystal and energy healing to balance the body and relieve stress.

60 minute sessions.

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