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Aromatic Winter Wellness

Saturday 14 August 2021

9.30am to 4.00pm

at Sage Wellness Centre,

Suite 2, 13B Bass St, Eden 

Stay well this winter with Aromatherapy, Herbs & Salt.

Learn strategies for maintaining winter health, and make natural products to help you 

ward off winter ailments with this fun, hands-on, practical workshop. 

We'll also discuss options to assist in reducing the discomfort of spring allergies.

Aromatic Winter Wellness

Do you and your family suffer from coughs and colds, a runny nose and sore throats during winter? Do you need some support to help you through the winter woes?

Join Vanessa as she introduces you to the best essential oils to help you get through the cold winter months. Learn about some of the unique, native Australian oils such as varieties of Eucalyptus, Rosalina, Fragonia, Kunzea, and Lemon Myrtle.

Learn about the different ways to use these oils, including diffusion, topical applications, safe ingestion, and in baths as well as the best blending techniques to create a uniquely harmonious blend. We will cover safety issues and appropriate dilution of essential oils, including essential oil safety with children as well. You will also have the opportunity to create your own array of products to take home with you and use throughout the winter months.


We will cover:

✯  Strengthening immunity

✯ The best essential oils for treating winter woes

✯ How to prevent winter ailments:

Sleep well

Bring in the sunshine

Keep warm

✯ Treating respiratory conditions:

Ways of inhaling essential oils

Soothing a sore throat & sore nose

Easy herbal teas

Relief for coughs and congestion

Simple & SAFE ingestion of essential oils for winter ailments 

& more...

Make gorgeous & practical products to take home:

✯  Sunshine in a bottle

✯  Winter spice body scrub

✯  Sniffy Stick

✯  Cold Feet Rescue 

✯  Winter Woes Oil Blend

✯  Nose Cream

✯  Chest Balm

✯  Vitamin C Soothers

✯  Throat Spray

✯  Herbal Electuary

Taste herbal teas, aromatic honey & herbal pastilles!

✯  This is a full day workshop jammed pack with useful information and creating products.

✯  You receive lunch and refreshments, a comprehensive 15 page colour manual &

     10 products to take home.

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