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Herbal Medicine

herbal medicine

Herbal Medicine Consultations


Herbal medicine has been traditionally used by cultures around the world to maintain and improve health.

In a herbal consultation we look at your diet and general lifestyle, and may suggest changes to enhance your wellbeing.Then we decide which herbs, flower essences and/or tissue salts are needed by your body to establish a state of balance.  

Herbal medicine may be helpful for:

sleep issues, womens' health & hormonal issues, anxiety, headaches, skin problems, colds & flu, digestive issues and many others.

• First consultation is 90 mins, follow-ups are 60 mins

prescriptive creams

Prescriptive Creams


Ideal for skin issues - eczema, acne, dry skin, infections, wounds, pain, menstrual problems or other health conditions that can be treated topically. Creams are individually prepared with herbs and essential oils and then balanced to your body using kinesiology, to enhance efficacy.

• 90 min consultation 

• 50ml prescriptive cream 

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