Essence of the Goddess™ 

Consultations in person or via Skype.

How are you juggling the many commitments of life?

Do you know why you like to be the boss, or are you feeling like a victim?

Do you feel drawn to help those who are disabled or outcast by society?

Ever feel like no-one understands you?

The answers to these questions are found in Goddess archetypes – you can find out which Goddess energies you are expressing with your personally prepared Goddess Chart.

Essence of the Goddess™ is a range of channelled* essences based on 36 goddess archetypes. These archetypes are used to describe the energies of the feminine aspect, which is the intuitive, internal, feeling aspect of the self.

A Goddess Chart, and the Goddess Essences, will deepen your understanding of who you are, helping you to answer questions about your personal strengths and weaknesses, as well as activating and harnessing your feminine energies for personal growth and development.

Essence of the Goddess™ is for both women and men – every person has a feminine aspect and a masculine aspect, regardless of gender.

Choose which consultation you would like:

• Goddess Charts

• Mini Goddess Chart (30 mins) - includes your basic goddess chart with a short explanation of each goddess.

• Comprehensive Goddess Chart - this is a 90 minute session which includes an in-depth oral explanation of the goddesses in your chart and how it all fits together. This is followed up with an email containing your fully explained and detailed Goddess Chart. One bottle of Goddess essences is included with the comprehensive chart. Follow up appointments can be made to receive another 1 or 2 bottles of essences with Reiki healing, if your goddess energies are very depleted.


• Goddess Journey (package)

This consists of 3 consultations, 3 bottles of essences and personal support as you journal and experience the Goddess energies in your life:

First Consultation (90 mins) - muscle testing is used to determine the goddesses in your personal chart. You receive a full oral explanation of each of the goddesses in your chart and how it all fits together. You also receive a bottle of essences to take orally (by drops under the tongue), plus an email will be sent to you containing your full written Goddess chart and explanation. You will be given a journal to record your experiences with the Goddess essences.

Second Consultation (60 mins) - 3 weeks later. A review of your goddesses and their activity in your life, and Reiki healing. You receive a second bottle of goddess essences. 

Third Consultation (60 mins) - 3 weeks after the second consultation. Another review of your Goddesses and their activity in your life, and Reiki healing. You receive a third bottle of Goddess essences. Discussion of where to go from here.

• Goddess Reiki

A 60 minute Reiki session with intuitive guidance and Goddess essences to guide and support you through your current life challenges.

• Goddess Creams

Make your own Goddess cream using the Aromatherapy Insight Cards. Choose 3 essential oils using the cards and then add 1 Goddess essence. You will then mix these together into a 50ml jar of unscented cream to take home with you. You will be given guidance through this process.

Essence of the Goddess was chanelled by Nevine Rottinger of Essential Energies:

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