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In Julie's Garden

This is part of Naturopath, Julie Waters' beautiful garden at Numbugga, about 15 minutes out of Bega. I was there earlier this week. Julie generously shared many plants with me from her abundant garden. She lives on 100 acres with her husband David.

The Numbugga Creek flows through their property, and they are visited by many forms of wildlife. While there, we came upon a small black snake, curled up and basking in the sun - we quietly changed our direction so as not to disturb him. Not far away was more evidence of snakes - yikes! This time it was a fully intact snake skin, including the skin around the head. Julie took it inside to add to her collection of special bits'n'pieces that she's found. No pics - unfortunately didn't have my phone with me at the time!

The creek area is quite magical and fairylike in parts. I purposely went there to cut some nettles for making nettle essence (but you'll have to wait until next newsletter to find out more about the essence making). There's a resident wombat near the creek, too, of course!

Julie digging comfrey

We had a beautiful afternoon, digging plants and preparing two essences, accompanied by Julie's energetic puppy, Sundance. Julie dug up salvias, yarrow, arctotis, comfrey and other bits'n'pieces.

Wheelbarrow full of plant bits

My partner, Myron, trimmed and planted out the plants - I did help too :-) Now we're just waiting for them to grow, and we'll relocate them as we see fit (when they're a little more established).

Sundance the frisky puppy

We've also planted some kitchen herbs - rosemary, thyme, parsley, chives and tarragon. Two raspberry canes are starting to bear fruit and they are sweet and yummy!

Entrance to the secret garden

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